Filing a Claim

Filing a Claim

Filing a Claim

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Filing a Claim
Insurance Claims Experts

Insurance Claims Experts is here to assist you in this process and any questions you may have that wasn’t settled by your insurance professionals. We are committed to assisting you through the entire claim process and securing your insurance settlement. Below are the steps we take when filing a claim for you.

The Process of Filing a Claim

There are a few things to keep in mind when filing a claim, we go over important details and the steps to take in our blog post File a Claim. Our public adjusters are here to assist you in filing the claim and throughout the settlement process. We will breakdown the service we provide in this process so you can better understand how we help.


Free Consultation and Inspection with no Obligation!

Contact us if you seek consultation or are looking for a second opinion on the damages that have taken place in your home. We offer this service for free and with no obligation to you. This will assist you in knowing what to expect in the process of filing a claim and the process of it’s settlement.

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Filing a Claim

Once we begin to work with you on your claim, we will begin the process in filing a claim with your insurance company. We will break down the following steps taken in this process as we represent you as public adjusters in your settlement claim.

Step 1

The first goal is realize all damages and loss your home has undergone. After this it is important to go over your homeowners policy to better understand what can be claimed and the extent of the coverage. This will assist us in navigating through the claim process smoothly and effectively. Contact us at 786-378-7105 or send us a message to better assist you in this process.

Step 2

We are now ready to file a claim, after requesting the forms needed from your insurance company to file a claim, we will create a Letter of Representation which authorizes us to represent you. Once the forms needed are received and filled out, we will file your claim with your insurance company along with our Letter of Representation.

Step 3

Within the coming week, we will will request an inspection with the insurance company adjuster to review your loss. At your convenience, we will schedule the inspection of your home and the damages along side one our public adjusters.

Step 4

With your assistance, we will prepare an estimate of damages and loss to provide to your insurance company. There may be additional documentation and information that will be required to submit when filing for your claim, we will contact you via email or call you if this is the case.

Step 5

Our office will be in contact with your insurance company and will update you when we receive any information on your insurance claim. We will make sure that you stay informed and worry free throughout the process of this settlement.


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