Fire Damage Claims

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damages and associated damages are detrimental to your home or commercial property and should not be overlooked. Fires can have a wide range of damages and many factors to take into consideration. The damage a fire itself can inflict is just beginning, the smoke from the fire, the water damage from stopping the fire, the mold that could arise from a given situation, and even the damages to the lungs from fumes and the after effects of the fire can all have a huge impact on the damages you could be facing.

What to do if your property sustains fire damage

  • Document any damages to your property by taking photographs.
  • Photograph damages from fire and the smoke from it
  • Consult an independent adjust to determine partial or total losses
  • Keep track of any receipts or expenses regarding home repairs.


Why your fire damage claim may be denied

  • Allegations of arson or the act of deliberately setting fire to your property
  • Valuation differences between you and the insurance company
  • A violation in the terms of the insurance policy and conditions
  • Fraudulent accusations and charges against the property owner

Knowing all the different aspects of a fire and it’s possible damages can be complex and overwhelming. Insurance Claim Experts are here to help you in the process and will make sure you are covered for all the damages that could have taken place. We want to make sure you are able to repair or even rebuild the damages to your property.

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