Hurricane Preparation in South Florida from Public Adjusters

Hurricane Preparation  in South Florida from Public Adjusters

Hurricane Preparation in South Florida from Public Adjusters

Hurricane Preparation in South Florida

More storms hit Florida than any other state in the US. Being prepared for a hurricane is key in preventing damages to your home and keeping your family safe. We would like to bring you a few tips on being prepared for a hurricane.

Important Contact Information

Knowing who to call and having their contact information at the ready is important to addressing issues that may arise as a hurricane approaches. Family contact information along with important services should be saved on your phone.

Your Home’s Location and Risks

Knowing the threat to your home and your city may be facing is key in knowing your next move. Evacuation could be a possibility your family could face, so be prepared to make that move while leaving your home protected as best as possible.

Stocking up on Necessities

Making sure your family is prepared for the worse is important when facing a storm or hurricane. Food and medication are two of the top priorities you should look ahead to. Stocking up on water and plenty of food is imperative when the outcome of damages are unknown. If there is a family member that depends on prescription medication, make sure to have enough medicine on hand.

Removing Potential Dangers

Your home may have outdoor furniture, accessories, or loose debris. Storing furniture and accessories from your backyard inside will prevent unforeseen property damage. Removing debris like loose branches or anything that can become a flying hazard during a hurricane will be helpful.

Document Property before the Hurricane

Taking photos or videos of your home and property before the storm will be a good idea for documentation purposes. If there are damages to your property after the storm, images prior to the storm will be key in providing proofs when filing a claim.

Filing a Claim from the Strom

It’s important to prepare for a storm or hurricane in advance to ensure you family and homes safety. If your property incurs damages from a storm and have questions if you should file a claim with your insurance company.

Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about your policy, actually filing a claim, or filing laws, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You can call your insurance company professionals or your state department of insurance. Insurance Claims Experts is here to assist you in this process and any questions you may have that wasn’t settled by your insurance professionals.

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