Roof Leak Claims

Roof Leaks Insurance Claims

Roof Leaks or Roof Damage are usually covered by homeowners insurance policies. While your homeowners insurance company tends reimburse you for the damages, loss and repairs from a roof leak, it also depends on the original cause of the leak. Your homeowners insurance won’t cover leaks that were caused by poor maintenance nor wear and tear.

Perils Covered by Most Homeowners Insurance Policies

  • Fires & Smoke Damages
  • Explosions
  • Lightning Damages
  • Hail & Windstorms Damages
  • Theft & Vandalism Damages
  • Damages from Vehicles & Air crafts
  • Damages from Riots
  • Damages Falling Objects
  • Sudden and Accidental Damage due to an Electrical Surge
  • Sudden and Accidental breaking, cracking or Bursting of Pipes

Spotting a roof leak as early as possible is important in minimizing the damages to your home and belongings. Usually, you can spot a roof leak if there is water falling from the ceiling, maybe there are water marks or cracks on the ceiling from a leak, even a bulge in the ceiling can signify water is leaking and being collected between the paint. This is only the first part, Identifying the point of entry is key to preventing additional damage from occurring. Look at your roof, try checking your attic as well, look for any signs of moisture or mold, and even wet wood.

Filing an insurance claim for a leak depends on the significance of the leak. The size of your deductible or if you’ve filed any recent claims are also factors when filing for a roof leak claim with your insurance company. If the amount of damages from the roof leak costs less than your home insurance deductible, then you won’t receive a reimbursement and would make more sense to skip filing a claim. You want to avoid an increase in your premium for filing a claim that may cost less over the long term and pay for damages yourself.

We are here to assist you in this process and want to assist you in making the right call for your and your property. Let us assist you when it comes to processing a claim with your homeowners insurance policy and make the best call for you.


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