Flood Damage Claims

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Most insurance agencies specifically do not include flooding in their standard policies due to the severeness of the damage and high costs that can occur.

Floods are potentially very dangerous and can lead to a wide range of damages to your property or home. Flooding¬† A flood can be something that creeps up on you over time or as rapidly accumulate from a variety of water sources. Typically occurs in flatland’s where water cannot easily be drained out or in areas that are surfaces that are impenetrable such as concrete, or where precipitations cannot be easily absorbed into the ground. Flash floods are another occurrence you can be facing when there are instances of extensive heavy rain, which is extremely possible in Florida.

Flood insurance tends to cover both the building and it’s contents. It is crucial to know what your insurance policy covers and what isn’t covered. The majority of flood damage cases take about 30 days for flood insurances to become active, keep that in mind as a home owner before it’s too late.

Filing a claim for flood damages or loss properly is key for approval and appropriate coverage from loss. Failing to list amount that is claimed is one of the common shortfalls an owner may have when tackling this task. Let us help you properly claim your loss and support you in the process of filing flood proof of loss, a critical aspect and condition for flood insurance coverage.


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