Theft & Vandalism Insurance Claims

Theft & Vandalism Insurance Claims

The majority of theft and vandalism cases are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you find that your property has been vandalized or there was stolen property, make sure you contact your local authorities immediately. Reporting the theft or vandalism of your property and filing a police report at the time of the incident is an important part when claiming your insurance.

Be sure to report all your losses or damages from the theft or vandalism to the authorities. If you end up discovering further theft or vandalism that wasn’t initially reported, make sure to contact the authorities and your insurance provider to inform them of the new findings.

Having all the paperwork and reports from your home theft or vandalism is important in your insurance claim process. If you are a business affected by theft or vandalism, as an owner you may qualify for business interruption insurance claim.


Theft Insurance Claims

In a theft and vandalism insurance claim, it is key to show proof that the items in questions are actually owned by the individual claiming the insurance. Make sure to keep a proper inventory of your belongings prior to the theft. In some unfortunate cases, there was no documentation or inventory show owner ship of stolen goods in question, other items such as pictures or credit card statements could possible work in proving ownership.


Vandalism Insurance Claims

Most damages and losses that occurred from the act of vandalism are covered in a standard¬† homeowner’s insurance policy or with a commercial property insurance policy. There are certain exceptions that can occur when looking over the coverage for vandalism to your property. For example, if your property has been vacant for 30 or 60 days. This is why it is important to consider a vacancy endorsement to their original property insurance policy to avoid these circumstances.


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