Lightning Insurance Claims

Lightning Insurance Claims

Homeowner insurance usually covers damage from lightning strikes. Yet there are many aspects to a lightning strike, it’s important to know just how your homeowners insurance covers you. Lightning can cause serious damage, including causing a fire and even ruin expensive electronics.

How does an Insurance Company Assess Lightning Damages?

Depending on the insuring company and the type of damage from a lightning strike will be what determines how lightning damages are going to be assessed. Lightning strikes can cause damage to your property in a variety of ways, including fires inside or outside of your home, it can ruin expensive appliances and electronics, damage wiring in the walls, and can even shock and injure someone in your home.

Damage to Personal Property

Appliances and electronics can be damaged from lightning strikes. Damages to these personal properties can typically be reimbursed for the actual cash value the item would have at the time of the incident and includes depreciation.  With replacement cost coverage would pay you what it would cost to replace your personal property at it’s current value.

Damage to other Structures

Any buildings or structures that you may have and are covered by your home owners policy, such as garages or sheds, can be covered if struck by lightning.

Additional living Expenses

If your hoe was damaged due to lightning and is being repaired or rebuilt, your home insurance should cover the cost of living elsewhere if you home is not habitable.

What is a Lighting Strike and how are they Classified

Lightning Strike

If a lightning strike goes through your your home or property while it passes from the atmosphere to the ground. This is the type of lightning strike that causes the most damage and can be claimed as part of your homeowners insurance policy.

Close Call Lightning Strike

Close-call lightning strikes are if lightning strikes comes down near your home but doesn’t hit your property directly.

Lightning Strikes Trees on Property

If a lightning strikes a tree on your property, your homeowners insurance will cover the damages that may come from this incident. Your insurance could cover removal of the tree and if there was damage on your property from the tree that fell as well, just make sure to document the damages to your properties.

Ground Surge from a Lightning Strike

If the lighting that strikes causes a significant electrical spike throughout an area and causes damages related to that surge, then you are able to file a lightning claim surge.

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